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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the questions that our customers often ask us here.

Registration and Enrollment

August 24, 2020

I'm new to Fleetwood. How do I register for classes?

Registration for new students is really easy at Fleetwood Dance Center. Just visit the CLASSES page of our website, and browse our list of available classes. You can click the REGISTER link next to your preferred class, and complete the online registration form. If you're interested in more than one class, you'll be given the opportunity to enroll in additional classes after entering your student information. We are looking forward to working with your dancer.

I'm already a student at Fleetwood. How do I register for classes?

If you are already in our system, you will want to log into the Parent Portal to enroll in your new classes. You'll find a link to the Parent Portal on every page of our website. If you are a company member, you will need to register in person (enrollment for students taking company-only classes must be handled by a member of our staff).

How do I find classes that are a good match for my child?

Our classes are listed by age groups. If you need advice for a unique situation, we're here to help. Please feel free to contact the studio directly at (770) 442-5229, or send us an email at We're looking forward to helping you.

Is there a fee for registration at Fleetwood Dance Center?

Fleetwood Dance Center charges an annual registration fee of $32.00 for each student.

The class that I'd like to take isn't listed. What can I do?

Some of our classes are available by audition only. Other classes are offered only to our company members. If you would like information about how to audition for acceptance into an advanced level class, or how to join one of our performance companies, we encourage you to contact the dance center directly at (770) 442-5229, or send us an email at We're looking forward to helping you.

I want to take a virtual class but I don't see a virtual option. What do I do?

We're not offering Virtual classes for Pre-K and Grammar School Students at this time. Other company-only classes are not publicly listed. If you have more questions about our virtual classes, please contact the studio for further information.

How do I access my Virtual Class?

If you're registered for a class with the word "Virtual" in the title, a link for that class has been added to your Parent Portal. To access the Virtual Class, simply log into the Parent Portal with your email and password, and find your dancer's schedule. Each virtual class listed in your schedule will have a link to the zoom meeting where you'll find your class. To keep our virtual classes secure, please do not share virtual class links or your private Parent Portal login information with anyone.

Jackrabbit, Parent Portal, and My Account

August 24, 2020

What is Jackrabbit?

Jackrabbit is the online class management system that we use at Fleetwood Dance Center to schedule our classes, manage our student accounts, and provide you with secure payment processing.

Is my information safe?

Absolutely! Jackrabbit is fully PCI compliant. Your personal information is securely encrypted, and is stored in servers that are in the same data center as some of the nation’s largest banks. You can sleep soundly at night knowing your data is probably safer than if it was in your own house.

What is the Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is your secure place to enroll in new classes, view account information and activity, make payments and changes to your account, view class schedules, access virtual online classes, and much more. Watch the helpful video at the bottom of this page for more information.

How do I set up my Parent Portal?

To login to the Parent Portal, click the link found on every page of our website.

Your Login is the email address associated with your account.
The first time you log into the portal, you'll want to reset the password. To reset your password, just click the Reset Password link, and follow the instructions provided.

At the bottom of this page you'll find a helpful video with great Parent Portal tips.

When logging into the portal, we ask that you take the time to ensure that your child's/children's birth date is entered into the system. This will make searching for classes easier, as the system will only show classes that are appropriate for your child's age.

Please also ensure that your credit card information is up to date. We will still be able to accept cash and checks at the front desk, but in order to use our new online ePayment system all families are required to have a credit card on file. This new system makes payments a "set it and forget it" process for you. Your credit card information is completely secure and vaulted by our payment gateway.

I'm having trouble logging into the Parent Portal. What can I do?

The Parent Portal uses your email address as the default Login ID. You can reset your password by clicking the Password Reset link and following the instructions. If you have tried to reset your password, and are still having trouble, please contact the dance center at (770) 442-5229. Our staff can help you troubleshoot the problem.

How can I view my class schedule?

To see your current class schedule, log into the Parent Portal. You'll find a schedule for each dancer in your family under the "Classes/Events" section of the Portal.

How does tuition work at Fleetwood Dance Center?

Our tuition starts at $67.00/mo for a one-hour class. Additional hours are offered at a discounted rate. Our season runs ten months, from mid-August through the end of May. Students make ten monthly tuition payments, due on the 15th day of the month.

What are your Billing and Payment Policies?

A credit card is required to set up your Jackrabbit account. Tuition will be posted to your account on the first of the month, and is automatically charged to your credit card on the 15th of the month. If you do not wish to pay with the credit card on file, simply bring your payment, in the form of cash or a check, to the dance center before the 15th day of the month.

Can I make a payment without using my credit card?

Absolutely! You can easily make your payments with either cash or a check. Fleetwood Dance Center uses an online payment system, which does require a valid credit card on file for each account. Tuition payments are automatically processed on the 15th of each month. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO PAY WITH THE CREDIT CARD ON FILE, SIMPLY BRING YOUR PAYMENT IN THE FORM OF CASH OR A CHECK TO THE DANCE CENTER BEFORE THE 15TH OF THE MONTH. This will zero out your account balance for the month. The system will not process an automatic credit card payment on an account with a zero balance, so it is important to make your cash or check payment before the 15th of the month.

What can I do if I discover a billing error?

We work hard to keep your account free from errors. If you find an error on your account, we want to fix the problem as soon as possible. Please contact the Dance Center at (770) 442-5229, or email us at We'll troubleshoot the account and make sure that any errors are promptly corrected.

How do I access my Virtual Class?

If you're registered for a class with "Virtual" in the title, a link for that class has been added to your Parent Portal. To access the Virtual Class, simply log into the Parent Portal with your email and password, and find your dancer's schedule. Each virtual class that is listed in the schedule will have a link to the zoom meeting where you'll find your class. To keep our virtual classes secure, please do not share virtual class links or your private Parent Portal login information with anyone.

Class/Rehearsal Attire & Etiquette

August 24, 2020

How should dancers at Fleetwood wear their hair during classes or rehearsals?

Please have your hair up in a bun for all ballet and pointe classes and rehearsals. For all other dance classes, your hair may be pulled back into a ponytail. A dancer's hair must never be allowed to cover the face.

Do you have a dress code at Fleetwood Dance Center?

When you look your best, you'll dance your best! Fleetwood Dance Center girls are expected to wear clean pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and the appropriate leotard color. Boys should wear black ballet shoes and white socks.
- Pre-K to 1st grade - Pink Leotard (any style), tutus and skirts are permissible
- 2nd and 3rd grade (showcase dancers) - Light Blue leotard (Eurotard Style # 1064C)
- 4th grade (Apprentice II) - Lavender Leotard (Eurotard Style # 1064C)
- 5th grade (Apprentice I) - Dark Purple Leotard (Eurotard Style # 1089C)
- 6th and 7th grade (Junior Co.) - Sea Foam 1002 Adult or 1089 Child Tank Style Only
- 8th grade (Intermediate Co.) - Mauve Leotard (Eurotard 33794)
- Ages 14 & 15 (Senior Co.) - Eggplant Leotard (Eurotard 33794)
- Ages 15 thru 18 - Black or Navy Leotard
- Teen Ballet (non-company students) - Black Leotard (Tank Style, no camisole)
- Boys Attire - Black Ballet shoes, white socks, white short sleeve t-shirt, black gym shorts

All leotard styles listed above are available at DANCE FASHIONS.

IMPORTANT: LABEL ALL DANCE SHOES AND ATTIRE! Fleetwood Dance Center is not responsible for lost items like shoes and clothing.

For non-ballet class attire, please inquire with the front desk.

Can I bring my friend to dance class?

Only registered students are allowed in our dance studios. Please do not bring friends to dance class.

Can I use my smartphone, iPod, or other electronic device at Fleetwood Dance Center?

Smartphones, iPads, iPods, and all other electronic devices can not be used in the dance studios during classes or rehearsals. Dancers should stow their personal electronic devices in their bags at all times while participating in classes or rehersals.

What is your policy on water and food?

Dancers should bring their own water bottle to the studio. Water bottles should have the dancer's name clearly marked. Food and other beverages are not permitted in the dance center.


February 2, 2021

I have fears about COVID-19. Are you protecting my child?

Absolutely! We are following this rapidly evolving situation very closely, and the health and safety of our students, families, and staff is our top priority. Fleetwood Dance Center follows the CDC and Georgia Department of Health guidelines, and complies with all governmental mandates. Our staff understands and implements safety practices such as maintaining social distancing in the classroom, and disinfecting all equipment and studio surfaces between each class. Our instructors encourage students to wash hands between classes, use hand sanitizer frequently during class. We also remind students to be diligent about not touching their face, eyes, noses, or mouths with their hands. Additionally, before entering the dance center, every staff member and student must be screened for fever, respiratory symptoms, 14-day travel history, and any suspected exposure to a person who has been infected with the coronavirus. Students are not permitted to hug, high-five, shake hands, or share food and beverages while at the dance center. There will be no choreography involving close formations, partnering, or body contact of any kind. To minimize the number of people in our building, parents will not be allowed wait in our lobby at this time. All parents must remain outside the studio when dropping off or picking up dancers. For a complete list of our updated student safety policies and procedures, please visit the COVID-19 page of our website. (

Will you be offering any virtual online classes?

We are offering a hybrid learning environment for a portion of our classes. These classes will be taught regularly at the studio, but students who do not wish to take the classes in person will be provided a video feed of the class through the Zoom Meeting platform. Students who choose the virtual option will be able to view the live Zoom feed from the studio, watch their classmates, and participate from the safety of their homes. If you are interested in taking a class remotely, please ensure that you are enrolled in a class with the word "Virtual" in the title. Note: space in the studio is limited due to social distancing concerns. Because we must limit the number of students allowed in the studio, you must choose either the in-person or virtual version of a class (not both). Students who dance in-person will not be provided a link for the zoom feed, and virtual students will not be permitted to take classes in person without obtaining prior approval based on our enrollment numbers.

Where can I find your COVID-19 policies and procedures?

Our updated COVID-19 policies and procedures can be found on the COVID19 page of our website. (

If someone in our family had contact with a person identified as being infected with the coronavirus, what is the waiting period before my child will be allowed to return to the dance center?

Anyone who has been in close contact with a person identified as being infected with the coronavirus should be tested immediately, and must wait 14 days before returning to the studio. If a dancer has been diagnosed with COVID-19, Fleetwood Dance Center requires a clearance note from their doctor, written on the doctor's official stationery, and including the following statement: "(Participant's name) is fully recovered, physically fit, and I have found no medical or observable conditions which would contra-indicate him/her from participating in dance classes. I am therefore clearing this individual for full participation in Fleetwood Dance Center's programming.

If your child has been exposed, please contact the studio immediately at to inform us.

Is a COVID-19 waiver required?

Yes. Each student is required to have their online COVID-19 waiver completed and filed each week before entering the Dance Center. If you have more than one child dancing at Fleetwood, a separate weekly COVID-19 waiver is required for each student. Dancers without a weekly COVID-19 waiver on file will not be permitted to participate in any Fleetwood Dance Center, or Fleetwood Dance Theatre class, audition, workshop, performance, or event.

Are all students required to wear a mask at Fleetwood Dance Center?

Currently, the State of Georgia does not mandate the use of masks in public settings. Fleetwood Dance Center is not providing masks for students. However, if you wish for your child to wear a mask while at the dance center, we support that decision. Please provide your dancer with a mask from home, and know that our staff will work diligently to ensure that your child does not remove their mask during class. We also encourage our dancers to wash their hands between classes, and use hand sanitizer at regular intervals. Our staff disinfects all studio surfaces and equipment between each and every class.

If you have trouble finding the information you're seeking, please feel free to contact us at the studio. We're always here to help you.